Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Three ladies and one camper relocation!

Here is the story of three ladies and one camper van relocation through Coseats Campervan Relocs. Reining from country Victoria, my mum has always dreamt of visiting Broome and for her 60th birthday, I wanted to make this happen for her. Now living in Fremantle, I invited mum up to Broome with me, along with her friend, Rosie, who had only just moved over from Victoria.

Booking tickets a week out, we set off on a one-way flight from Perth to Broome with no sure plan on how we were going to get back. Once we stepped off the plane in Broome our bodies immediately started thawing out from the long cold Perth winter and we changed into our summer clothes the first opportunity we got.

With the busiest of the tourist season over in Broome, we had no trouble booking a few activities to best experience Broome and surrounds. Grabbing a small hire car also gave us the flexibility to get around at our own pace and convenience. In a four short days we were able to; saddle up on the famous sunset camel ride at Cable Beach, kayak in the bay spotting turtles and breaching humpback whales (thankfully for us well out in the deeps), fly over, and jet boat through Horizontal Falls, size up dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point, be taken back in time at the prison boab tree near Derby, go croc spotting at Windjana Gorge, wade through fresh water in the dark at Tunnel Creek, enjoy a chilled ginger beer at the Matso's brewery, stroll through the Japanese cemetery and watch Mamma Mia under the stars at the oldest outdoor cinema in the world, Sun Pictures.

During these fun packed days, I also had my eye on Coseats looking for a suitable camper to relocate and get us back to Perth. On Sunday, I found a 5 berth 4WD available to pick up on the Tuesday... perfect! The photo showed a Pop-Top conversion set up however when we picked up the vehicle it was a roof top tent along with an awning tent that zipped on to house the extra body. It was quite quick and easy to set up so it didn't worry us too much... we were just excited to get on the road and see the country for $5 a day plus a bit of fuel money.

We had 6 days to get the camper back to the Perth depot and with no fixed agenda for everything in between, our sleepovers ended up being: Eighty Mile Camp, Karratha, Coral Bay, Monkey Mia and Geraldton. 6 days was a good length of time to transfer the camper.. it worked out to be approximately half the day driving and half the sight seeing each day. We used the app called Splitwise to keep track of our spending and once we calculated the $100 fuel refund from Britz it came to $160 each for fuel for the whole trip.. can't get much better than that for a 6 day holiday/road trip! Needless to say I would highly recommend Coseats and camper relocations to anyone who is thinking it might suit them. 

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